Principles for Successful Flat Roof Repair

Following these principles have been proven in practice in the planning and execution of flat roof repairs and restoration

Before performing the roof renovation / planning phase:

  • Perform a roof inspection with site inventory including recording of all necessary property information of flat roof
  • Detecting layer sequence and state of the flat roof
  • Before creating the specifications of the development, design a specific restructuring plan based on the collected information taking into account the cost and all details
  • Comprehensive information of the client and if necessary clarification of important points of detail in advance
  • Considering the cost and clean-up costs:
    • If technically possible, re-roofs to preserve the existing flat roof structure
    • Re-usable materials and components
    • Selection and specification of appropriate designs and materials with optimum price / performance ratio
    • Residual  lifespan of buildings in the redevelopment planning
    • Review of the economics and payback of energy-saving measures on the flat roof under the roof renovation
    • When appropriate, conduct a partial reconstruction and repairs for proper maintenance 


Technical principles for roof repairs:

  • Scale separation of the flat roof and construction of  the substructure, roof deck and waterproofing system:
    • Prevent the transmission of stresses and movements of the substructure and waterproof seal
    • Avoid negative effects of the old roof or enclosed at the surface of the old seal (eg: crimped fine gravel, bituminous roofing membranes, unavoidable accumulation of dirt, moisture damage, blistering, etc.)
  • Applying additional insulation in the roof restoration – in addition to improving the insulation effect (meeting the requirements of the Energy Conservation Act) also particularly effective separation and balance situation between the old flat roof waterproofing and restoration sealing and suitable surface for the new seal (especially good scale separation), compensating for unevenness
  • Secure the membrane  by load (gravel roof, green roof / green roof plate coverings) or mechanical fastening, adhesive bonding of rehabilitation structures with the damaged old roof
  • Tender and long-term use of best waterproofing systems with the following properties:
    • Suitability for renovation
    • No differences in quality of material for mechanical fastening and gravel ballast
    • Dimensionally stable due to internal reinforcement
    • Material thickness at least 2.0 mm
    • Homogeneous material seam areas with hot air (hot gas method) without pre-treatment, additives or aids under site conditions permanently welded (no gluing the seam areas, seam tapes, etc.)
    • On redevelopment sites in real conditions (humidity, dust / dirt, temperature variations, etc. – usually can not be avoided just for renovations in practice) by the roofers safe to handle
    • Rational and largely independent of weather routing
    • Special long term UV protection layers, weathering and aging, practical technical properties
    • Insensitive to water level, vegetation and dirt
    • Root growth without additional measures
    • Fully compatible with bitumen (renovation of old bitumen roofs, partial renovations, renovations of roof surfaces, which can run on bituminous surfaces of higher water transitions to adjacent bitumen roofs, etc.)
    • Plasticizers (plasticizer-free plastic sheets)
    • Install with  special protective measures in direct contact with thermal insulation made of polystyrene
    • Toxicologically harmless, free of heavy metals and chlorine, no formation of toxins when burned or when processing
    • Recyclable
    • Long service life, good price / performance ratio (renovation costs)

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