Flat Roof Replacement

Re-Roofs & Flat Roof Replacement

Re-roofs are an economical alternative to complete flat roof demolition and replacement. This requires a detailed analysis of the existing roof structure as well non-destructive testing for the purpose of proper flat roof evaluation and planning of repair methods. Contrary to recent findings from the field, many flat roof are unnecessarily replaced completely with complete demolition of the old roof structure – usually because of concerns due to safety, a lack of roofing knowledge and incompetent analysis and evaluation. At Roof Maintenance.ca, our clients benefit from our experience, knowledge and expertise.

When determining the needs for a re-roof or complete flat roof replacement, the following points should be considered:

The type and condition of the supporting substructure / roof ceiling:

  • Is there damage to the supporting substructure?
  • Is the ceiling strong enough to support the substructure?
  • Is there water damage to the supporting structure / roof deck?
  • Are there possible harmful substances contained in the roof structure (eg: asbestos, tar substances, etc.) that preclude it from maintaining the old flat roof structure?
  • Are there problems with incompatible materials (eg: PVC material) between the old and the planned reconstruction?

Examination of the physical building conditions:

  • Are there any physical problems with the building(water damage, significant energy losses due to insulation)?
  • Is a vapor barrier in place?
  • Is a roof-side vapor barrier under the existing conditions absolutely necessary?
  • Have the existing and future climate conditions been taken into account?

Examination of the roof structure and trapped moisture:

  • Is there moisture within the roof structure? Is there moisture in the insulation layer?
  • Cause of Moisture
    • Penetrated from the outside of the roof section?
    • Condensation due to poor construction and installation?
  • Amount of moisture in the flat roof:
    • Slightly damp? Wet? or Flooded?
  • Extent of penetration: As needed or large areas (only partially affected areas or an entire area?)
  • Location of the humidity in the roof surface
  • Arrangement of the moisture in the roof layers
    • On the supporting roof deck / vapor barrier
    • In the thermal barrier (up / down)
    • Directly under the seal / seals between layers in multilayer
  • Is the very high moisture content in flat roof construction still acceptable? Depending on the structural situation, renewed moisture damage can not be ruled out, even after completion of the new restoration sealing.
  • Is the roof structure “drowned” in the entire flat roof and the insulation completely saturated with water (liquid water is in the flat roof insulation)?
  • Condition and type of insulation layer: damage to the insulation by permanent influence of moisture, such as
    • Rotting of wet cork insulation or moistened wood fiber insulation
    • Reduction in the compressive strength of mineral fiber insulation

Economic and professional flat roof repairs and replacements require a competent and reliable assessment of the existing structure – Benefit from our experience, knowledge and expertise. Visit Roof Maintenance.ca today for solutions to all of your flat roof problems.

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