Common Errors in Flat Roof Repairs

In the planning and execution of flat roof repairs, the following errors should always be observed in practice:

  • Inadequate inventory of roof surfaces, lack of knowledge about the structure and state of the existing roof sub-structure of the laminated assembly
  • No consideration to the repair or redevelopment of specific problems, inadequate detailed planning (common result: insufficient details; problems are thus often detected only during the execution of the work leading to unexpectedly higher costs for the client through numerous repairs)
  • Lack of detailed planning in the application of additional insulation (adjustment of terminal heights, roof edge increase, increase in roof installations, drainage and emergency drainage, thermal bridges)
  • Glue-down reorganization of railways without possibility of movement and vapor pressure equalization (eg: applying a layer of bituminous sheeting)
  • Lack of testing of old roof layers (defects of the bonds, undetected storm damage, fatigue, etc.) upon application of bonded waterproofing systems
  • Disregard of material incompatibilities between the old building and renovation (eg: soft exudation hike in PVC geomembranes in direct contact with non-suitable materials, lack of bitumen compatibility, etc.), lack of separation layers, selection of unsuitable materials
  • In old flat roofs – improper sealing systems / roof waterproofing for still water on the roof surface
    • Capillary infiltration, glued seams, seam separations
    • Soft exudation hike, shrinkage and embrittlement (cracking) through “carbon effect” due to dirt in roofing membranes (PVC geomembranes)
  • Disregard of deflections in flat roof (trapezoidal sheet metal & gas concrete substructure) upon application of gradient structures, lack of leveling of depressions and troughs
  • Allocation of waterproofing / restoration work on flat roof with little experience

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